Hey, It’s a Start!

Even though we’re still renovating our space, we’ve been opening our doors to a few group meetings and private events. Mandi, who does our booking, says get in touch with her and she’ll give you our Mid Renovation Special rates! You can reach her at our new number, 254-760-4411! (It’s got 411 in it, just like our address!)

Our signs are even better now, too. You can easily find where your event will be held from the directory on our front door.

How to get around at the Hermit Haus

We’ve been hosting meetings in our conference room often. For example, we have held a property closing, organizational board meetings, and meetings of a committee working on a brochure of Milam County wildflowers. Out conference room comfortably fits 8, but has held up to 18 people.

People were knocking on the emergency exit door, so I put on a big arrow. We’ll make it permanent soon.

We also recently had a beautiful baby shower in our meeting hall. Even mid-construction, this place can be beautiful!

Happy baby stuff!

Thanks to the decorators and best wishes to the new parents! Here are a couple of more photos.

Later on incredibly cute refreshments went on the purple platters and the cute spoons went in little pudding cups.
It looks festive!

Getting Offices Ready

We got a lot done over at the Hermit Haus in the past week. First, we now have someone to clean the place every week, and she started out by doing a deep clean of the basement, including the former storage areas we are going to make into offices. They look so much better with years of grime removed.

On Friday, our partner in Hearts, Homes, and Hands, Kathleen, brought her husband Chris over to work on the offices we’ll be using for that business. That’s right, the Hermit Haus will soon be home to three businesses, at least until the new one moves across the street.

Kathleen brought in some lovely furniture to use in her office, all white and brass and modern looking. We all have office envy, even though our stuff is just fine.

We just happen to have some white chairs to replace these guest chairs.

We got to talking about how Mandi and I had looked all over the darned office trying to find the pins to rebuild the large shelving unit we had in the old office. Chris and Lee were looking at it to figure out what kinds of substitute items we could go buy to make it work, when Kathleen and I started looking at the little white cabinets in her office, which we’d never been able to really see before she brought in lamps. Kathleen opened the cabinet door, and we discovered some office supplies in there…and the stuff to build the shelves!

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Hermann’s House Is Here and We Are READY for Meetings

We got all our necessary permits. Since then, we have been waiting for the rain to let up long enough for the little house we’ve bought to store things at the Hermit Haus to be delivered. That day has finally arrived, and Mandi and Lee had the fun of watching it get all set up.

I like my little house!

Mandi said the installation went surprisingly smoothly, perhaps because they had a huge empty lot to put the building on. That’s a lot easier on a very large truck, wouldn’t you think? We located the cottage next to the covered carport, so offer some shade for parked cars, and to cover up a mysterious hole in the ground. Hole? What hole?

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We Have a Meeting!

Things have been pretty quiet around here, but we do have one piece of good news: the first meeting in the upstairs part of The Hermit Haus will be held at the end of the month.

The flyer

The organization is Milam Touch of Love (the link is to a website in progress; they can’t take donations until later in the week), which is an organization dedicated to helping get the animals in Milam County’s animal shelters/pounds adopted. They also will be raising money to help the city shelters with needed supplies, such as food, blankets, heartworm protection, and eventually, spaying and neutering.

Sue Ann’s on the board for the organization, so she offered up our facility for the first Annual Meeting, now that it’s all organized and has proper paperwork. Now we will have to get that place all cleaned and vacuumed! There’s plenty of time, of course.

We are excited to be able to give back to the community and help the abandoned and abused animals aroud here. As the owner of three dogs who were dumped on their rural property, one dog adopted from the Cameron Pound, and caretakers of some of the many wandering cats of the city of Cameron, Lee, Sue Ann, and Mandi know first-hand that there is a real need.

Here’s Sue Ann on the day she adopted Carlton last year.

Want to Come?

If you live anywhere in Milam County and want to help the animals, you’re welcome to join us on Thursday, May 30, from 7-9 pm at 411 W. Main in Cameron. You’ll be able to become members of Milam Touch of Love, learn about volunteer opportunities, and meet some really great people.

Want to Meet Them Sooner?

Scratch that! The festival has been rescheduled for August, due to the bad weather we’ve been having. Milam Touch of Love will have a booth at this Saturday’s Cameron Fun Fest and Barbecue Shootout. There will be adoptable dogs and friendly people to chat with. We assume the dogs will not be near the shootout and more near the fun fest.Share 

A Potential Spiritual Community

church exterior
Do you know of any organization or individual who might want the crosses in front of our building?

We can’t go into details yet, but Sue Ann had a meeting with a minister she knows, and they talked about the possibility of having a branch of a church in Cedar Park meet at The Hermit Haus on Sundays, starting next year.

We’d like to offer new options for the local community, so we are excited at this opportunity! It would be a Unitarian Universalist Church, so if you know anyone in the area who’d be interested in helping on the project, contact us! We will have more information in coming weeks, assuming the project gets approved.

Our thoughts are that we will be able to book the sanctuary for other events on Sundays, as needed, by just moving the church meeting to our conference room. The plan is to have a lot of flexibility.

Speaking of Church Stuff

If you know of a local church or other organization that might be interested in the wooden crosses outside our building, comment below and we will get in touch with you about it.