It’s a New Year and We Have New Events

Hi there! We’ve not been posting a lot here, but we’ve been active, as we slowly but surely fix up our space for future events. Our main focus has been removing the old ceilings to create a rustic and much more spacious feeling in our downstairs meeting area.

The downstairs during the ceiling removal process. It’s all down now!

We’ve also removed a storage room, which created a much more open space. Currently we’re renting out our office spaces to Hearts Homes and Hands, a new personal assistance service in town, and have paused our renovations again while their new office building (really a very old building!) is getting fixed up.

Our conference room has an open ceiling now, too, and we’ve installed new lighting. We can’t wait to remove the paneling!

The most exciting improvement (especially for those of us who worked here over the last winter and summer) has been our brand-new HVAC system. When it’s hot outside, it’s cool in the Hermit Haus. And we are nice and warm this winter, too!

What’s Happening Now?

In the meantime, though, we have been hosting meetings for various nonprofit organizations in town, and will begin a weekly class for training Texas Master Naturalists on Thursdays. The El Camino Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists is also holding their monthly chapter meetings in our facility. Visitors are welcome, and we post the agendas on our Facebook page.

Coming Soon

A local group is planning to start regular gaming nights (think D&D or Magic: the Gathering) in our cozy downstairs area, which is perfect for small gatherings like that. From what we are told, the Dungeon Master is amazing. We will post more details when we have them.

We also plan to hold regular “stitching” events, where people can gather and do their favorite needlework or crafts, and we’ll invite local makers to display their wares. This will be a lot of fun! Call us if you’re interested in attending.

What Else?

We always welcome small parties, like baby showers, birthdays, and wedding showers. But that’s not all! If you need a space to get together with your friends for any reason, think of us. We are more affordable than you may think!

We have lots of space to serve refreshments, and our new heating and air conditioning system means everyone is comfortable.

Making Things Nice

This week we hosted another couple of meetings. This weekend we are celebrating the fact that the business that will share our building for the next few months, Hearts Homes and Hands, will be up and running by October 15 (or sooner!), we sent our team of demolition dudes over to remove the old ceiling in the reception area to reveal the beautiful beams above.

This looks so good!

Mike and Joe (yep, we drafted yet another teen) got to work early this morning and have already gotten their assigned area of ceiling removed. All they have left to do is clean up, so we can use the building for work and such next week.

The fan was used to blow dust away from the main part of the room. Smart.

Meanwhile, in decorating land

Suna was back at the thrift store this weekend working with Milam Touch of Love, an organization that often uses our facilities. Naturally, she found something to buy.

Happy autumn pumpkin on the piano.

The pumpkin was a no-brainer to add to our fall decorations (the rest of which should go up next weekend).

Happy ducks. Yes, someone could have adjusted the photo to look straight. She will next time.

The ducks, well, all she can say is they spoke to her. Or quacked to her. They go with the unexpected bird theme that’s developed in the downstairs business area. One day after the renovation is done, if we end up having other things down here, they may waddle their way over to the ranch house.