Hey, It’s a Start!

Even though we’re still renovating our space, we’ve been opening our doors to a few group meetings and private events. Mandi, who does our booking, says get in touch with her and she’ll give you our Mid Renovation Special rates! You can reach her at our new number, 254-760-4411! (It’s got 411 in it, just like our address!)

Our signs are even better now, too. You can easily find where your event will be held from the directory on our front door.

How to get around at the Hermit Haus

We’ve been hosting meetings in our conference room often. For example, we have held a property closing, organizational board meetings, and meetings of a committee working on a brochure of Milam County wildflowers. Out conference room comfortably fits 8, but has held up to 18 people.

People were knocking on the emergency exit door, so I put on a big arrow. We’ll make it permanent soon.

We also recently had a beautiful baby shower in our meeting hall. Even mid-construction, this place can be beautiful!

Happy baby stuff!

Thanks to the decorators and best wishes to the new parents! Here are a couple of more photos.

Later on incredibly cute refreshments went on the purple platters and the cute spoons went in little pudding cups.
It looks festive!

Find Us by Our Sign

As we move along in our renovation and improvements, we’ve improved the outside of our building by finally getting some signs made. Here’s the one in front of the building:

It’s a big sign in front of our building. It has the address and phone number.

We also have one showing the entrance to our Hermits’ Rest Enterprises building up, and we have a sign for the Hearts Homes and Hands entrance, but we need to get it installed carefully. We want to drill into the brick wall just once!

Here’s the rear entrance, for the business folks!

Next we will order a sign to go over the main door to the Hermit Haus, so people can easily identify the event venue.

And here’s the metal sign, shining. It will look great out by the front steps!

We’ve been talking to a couple of people about doing some alcohol-free concerts on our stage. That’s something we don’t have much of here in Cameron. Any other ideas?

The Luxury of Air Conditioning

The Hermit Haus is entering the intensive phase of its renovation, so we are only booking a few events, mostly in our conference room (since until yesterday it was the only room in the basement with working air conditioning).

Mid installation.

We had to remove some of the old ceiling in the building (after we’d already removed a drop ceiling!) so that we could add the ductwork. We decided it looked so nice that we will remove the rest of the old ceiling, leaving one of those modern exposed beam kind of things.

The whole ceiling will look like this.

The wood should look really nice once we paint the walls a creamy white and replace the flooring with wood-look vinyl. And that A/C is nice and cool. We look forward to a fine and warm winter, as well.

Our future reception area.

We got a start on the office re-arrangement, too. The old storage room is gone, which will create an open reception area while we share the space with Hearts, Homes and Hands, and later it will allow us to create a lounge area. It will be quite versatile!

The conference room no longer has ancient and dusty books in it, too. We look forward to making this room even more welcoming.

It’s great to be starting to get the facility usable for meetings and events! We’ll soon even have an official phone number.

Getting Offices Ready

We got a lot done over at the Hermit Haus in the past week. First, we now have someone to clean the place every week, and she started out by doing a deep clean of the basement, including the former storage areas we are going to make into offices. They look so much better with years of grime removed.

On Friday, our partner in Hearts, Homes, and Hands, Kathleen, brought her husband Chris over to work on the offices we’ll be using for that business. That’s right, the Hermit Haus will soon be home to three businesses, at least until the new one moves across the street.

Kathleen brought in some lovely furniture to use in her office, all white and brass and modern looking. We all have office envy, even though our stuff is just fine.

We just happen to have some white chairs to replace these guest chairs.

We got to talking about how Mandi and I had looked all over the darned office trying to find the pins to rebuild the large shelving unit we had in the old office. Chris and Lee were looking at it to figure out what kinds of substitute items we could go buy to make it work, when Kathleen and I started looking at the little white cabinets in her office, which we’d never been able to really see before she brought in lamps. Kathleen opened the cabinet door, and we discovered some office supplies in there…and the stuff to build the shelves!

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History of Our Property, Part 3

This is just a little tidbit that Mandi found out yesterday when talking to some friends. We’ve talked about putting photos of the prominent Cameron residents who attended the First Christian Church during its long history, and we have a new one to add.

Marie, from her obituary.

It turns out that Lucille Marie Jones Braden (Marie), the mother of the actor Tommy Lee Jones, attended the church late in her life, after she married Cameron resident Carlton E. Braden. She was a member of the Board and quite active until her death in 2013.

She sounds like a pretty cool woman. Apparently she married and divorced her first husband, Clyde Jones, twice. That’s from Wikipedia. She also had lots of careers, ranging from hairdresser to police officer. She retired from working at the State of Texas in Mental Health and Mental Retardation (MHMR as we call it today, to avoid the unpleasant actual name).

You know she had to be strong to thrive for many years in Midland, Texas and raise a son who went to Harvard on scholarship. She also loved to crochet, according to her obituary, which makes me like her even more.

Liberty Community Cemetery, Milano, Texas

She’s buried along with Mr. Braden in Milano. It’s amazing what you can find out on the internet these days. Thanks to Mandi for finding out about this bit of history.