Tidying Up

We’ve had a few to-do items that kept getting NOT done. Thank goodness we had a helper for the day and got a couple of safety and curb appeal issues taken care of.

First, the basement front porch light was on, but incredibly dim. It was not fun to go up the stairs at night. Hooray, it’s been replaced with a shiny new bulb!

Easton picks up the ladder after replacing the bulb, which is in an awkward position.

Second, our old sign got dumped on the ground when the new (and correct) sign went up. It stayed quite a while, because it is a really good quality sign and weighs way more than a wimpy 5’2″ woman can lift. Burly men can do it, though, and that has also been put away.

Easton and Chris move the sign while Lee supervises.

Next on the agenda will be some more lighting improvements. We want all our guests to feel safe from stumbling while walking to their parked cars.

We are working with our Master Naturalist friends on plans for a wildflower garden, too!

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