Find Us by Our Sign

As we move along in our renovation and improvements, we’ve improved the outside of our building by finally getting some signs made. Here’s the one in front of the building:

It’s a big sign in front of our building. It has the address and phone number.

We also have one showing the entrance to our Hermits’ Rest Enterprises building up, and we have a sign for the Hearts Homes and Hands entrance, but we need to get it installed carefully. We want to drill into the brick wall just once!

Here’s the rear entrance, for the business folks!

Next we will order a sign to go over the main door to the Hermit Haus, so people can easily identify the event venue.

And here’s the metal sign, shining. It will look great out by the front steps!

We’ve been talking to a couple of people about doing some alcohol-free concerts on our stage. That’s something we don’t have much of here in Cameron. Any other ideas?

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