The Luxury of Air Conditioning

The Hermit Haus is entering the intensive phase of its renovation, so we are only booking a few events, mostly in our conference room (since until yesterday it was the only room in the basement with working air conditioning).

Mid installation.

We had to remove some of the old ceiling in the building (after we’d already removed a drop ceiling!) so that we could add the ductwork. We decided it looked so nice that we will remove the rest of the old ceiling, leaving one of those modern exposed beam kind of things.

The whole ceiling will look like this.

The wood should look really nice once we paint the walls a creamy white and replace the flooring with wood-look vinyl. And that A/C is nice and cool. We look forward to a fine and warm winter, as well.

Our future reception area.

We got a start on the office re-arrangement, too. The old storage room is gone, which will create an open reception area while we share the space with Hearts, Homes and Hands, and later it will allow us to create a lounge area. It will be quite versatile!

The conference room no longer has ancient and dusty books in it, too. We look forward to making this room even more welcoming.

It’s great to be starting to get the facility usable for meetings and events! We’ll soon even have an official phone number.

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