Getting Offices Ready

We got a lot done over at the Hermit Haus in the past week. First, we now have someone to clean the place every week, and she started out by doing a deep clean of the basement, including the former storage areas we are going to make into offices. They look so much better with years of grime removed.

On Friday, our partner in Hearts, Homes, and Hands, Kathleen, brought her husband Chris over to work on the offices we’ll be using for that business. That’s right, the Hermit Haus will soon be home to three businesses, at least until the new one moves across the street.

Kathleen brought in some lovely furniture to use in her office, all white and brass and modern looking. We all have office envy, even though our stuff is just fine.

We just happen to have some white chairs to replace these guest chairs.

We got to talking about how Mandi and I had looked all over the darned office trying to find the pins to rebuild the large shelving unit we had in the old office. Chris and Lee were looking at it to figure out what kinds of substitute items we could go buy to make it work, when Kathleen and I started looking at the little white cabinets in her office, which we’d never been able to really see before she brought in lamps. Kathleen opened the cabinet door, and we discovered some office supplies in there…and the stuff to build the shelves!

Those darned cabinets were hiding our shelf hardware.

That started a frenzy of movement, since we had to make space for the shelves. By the time Kathleen and I were finished, we had moved our three square tables into the future receptionist office to be a temporary “testing area” for job applicants, created a little sitting area outside Kathleen’s office, and in general, made the whole place look more organized and finished. I just knew that bookshelf was the key to my office decor dreams.

Plus, Chris hung my art up where I wanted it, and I am at peace with that, too.

These shelves are just what we needed to pull the “decor” of our un-renovated office together.

Now, all we have in here is used stuff we’ve gathered from here and there, but it looks okay and we are happy. Our conference room is set up for small meetings and has art in it, the downstairs gathering area is all ready for cozy meetings, and the upstairs can be used for larger events.

This is just in time, because we’ve booked weekly meetings for an organization next year. Yay! Real business!

Calling All Callers!

In other exciting office news, we have a sign designed for the outside of the building. We just can’t order it until we know what our new phone number will be, which should be this week at some point. We’re going to get a central number for all our businesses, then people can get to the right business or person by pressing an extension. How grown-up! Many thanks to Mandi for her perseverance in finding us potential plans. It was NOT easy.

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