Hermann’s House Is Here and We Are READY for Meetings

We got all our necessary permits. Since then, we have been waiting for the rain to let up long enough for the little house we’ve bought to store things at the Hermit Haus to be delivered. That day has finally arrived, and Mandi and Lee had the fun of watching it get all set up.

I like my little house!

Mandi said the installation went surprisingly smoothly, perhaps because they had a huge empty lot to put the building on. That’s a lot easier on a very large truck, wouldn’t you think? We located the cottage next to the covered carport, so offer some shade for parked cars, and to cover up a mysterious hole in the ground. Hole? What hole?

From what I hear, the delivery driver was really nice and knew what he was doing, so there were no surprises, just set up what the house sits on, and sliding it on. As you can see, our Hermann with a lantern watched the whole proceedings very carefully, which makes sense if he’s supposed to be living there and guarding the place!

We’re looking forward to putting our random things in there, so we will have space for another office for our home health business when it gets going. We need space for an administrator to work, and we need file storage, for at least as long as we are sharing the space.

Want to see more? Scroll down for photos of the installation.

Ready for Meetings

Ooh, aah, clean carpet, covered window, white board, and functioning microphone!

As I wrote about before, the Hermit Haus is going to host the annual meeting for the new Milam Touch of Love animal welfare group. Before we could do that, we needed a few things to work right. Mandi got the microphone working, so that’s helpful, we got the refrigerator (oh so decorative) cooling to store ice, and last Saturday we covered up the hole that used to provide a glimpse into the baptismal area. We used a sophisticated white sheet. It can also serve as a projector screen next time we need to project something.

This “before” photo shows how high those lights are.

We also turned on the A/C (at least THAT A/C works), got the whole upstairs cleaned and vacuumed (thanks to Melissa), and made signs to show where the bathrooms are, because it’s not obvious.

The final task was hard, but thank goodness the President of the Milam Touch of Love, Jean, happened to have a big ladder and someone willing to climb it. We needed that to change some of the bulbs in the sanctuary light fixtures, which are WAY up there. We mostly got LED bulbs in, so they should last a while, though at least one fixture didn’t like those bulbs. Probably another thing we will need to replace with a version with modern wiring.

We’re ready for tonight’s meeting at 7 pm, and hope any of you who are interested in helping the animals of this area will attend, join the group, and/or volunteer to help out.

What’s Next?

Bids should come in very soon for the air conditioning and heat repair for the downstairs, and for new, new, new electrical wiring! It won’t be a moment to soon. Summer is coming.

Hermann’s House Arrives

These are backwards, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Making sure all is well.

Starting to slide off

Almost all the way down.

Off the ramp.

Hermann and his house!

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