We Have a Meeting!

Things have been pretty quiet around here, but we do have one piece of good news: the first meeting in the upstairs part of The Hermit Haus will be held at the end of the month.

The flyer

The organization is Milam Touch of Love (the link is to a website in progress; they can’t take donations until later in the week), which is an organization dedicated to helping get the animals in Milam County’s animal shelters/pounds adopted. They also will be raising money to help the city shelters with needed supplies, such as food, blankets, heartworm protection, and eventually, spaying and neutering.

Sue Ann’s on the board for the organization, so she offered up our facility for the first Annual Meeting, now that it’s all organized and has proper paperwork. Now we will have to get that place all cleaned and vacuumed! There’s plenty of time, of course.

We are excited to be able to give back to the community and help the abandoned and abused animals aroud here. As the owner of three dogs who were dumped on their rural property, one dog adopted from the Cameron Pound, and caretakers of some of the many wandering cats of the city of Cameron, Lee, Sue Ann, and Mandi know first-hand that there is a real need.

Here’s Sue Ann on the day she adopted Carlton last year.

Want to Come?

If you live anywhere in Milam County and want to help the animals, you’re welcome to join us on Thursday, May 30, from 7-9 pm at 411 W. Main in Cameron. You’ll be able to become members of Milam Touch of Love, learn about volunteer opportunities, and meet some really great people.

Want to Meet Them Sooner?

Scratch that! The festival has been rescheduled for August, due to the bad weather we’ve been having. Milam Touch of Love will have a booth at this Saturday’s Cameron Fun Fest and Barbecue Shootout. There will be adoptable dogs and friendly people to chat with. We assume the dogs will not be near the shootout and more near the fun fest.Share 

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